Thetis is encountered in Greek mythology as a sea nymph and goddess of water, daughter of the ancient sea god ‘Nereus’. These historic beginnings have inspired this project and a focus on the elegance associated with a goddess and the power of the sea. The goal of Project Thetis is to create a high performance and powerful boat with elegance and grace capable of carrying and protecting its passengers.

The softness and gentle curves associated with a ‘RIB’ (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) provide comfort whilst underway and a unique user experience whether in transit mode or providing a platform for nautical activities.

The purpose of Project Thetis delivers a superyacht support tender capable of safely carrying 12 passengers or more in comfort and protection from the elements, a role where traditional yachts tenders are flawed often due to size or design

Style, Grace and Comfort were the keywords considered throughout all elements of the design and build process. These principals are carried through to the style, performance and onboard comfort.

Just as a sea nymph is regarded for their nomadic independence, project Thetis has a similar inspiration and an ability to explore remote locations, unique destinations and be reasonably self-sufficient with long range fuel tanks, weather protection and associated equipment.